The Final Showdown, Final 4 reaches its thrilling climax.

The Final Showdown: London GD vs. NEM Hawks for Men’s Championship, Olympia vs. Loughborough for Women’s Title 

In the culminating round of the Final Four, the intensity reaches melting point as the top teams prepare to battle for handball supremacy. With the fate of the championship hanging in the balance, every pass, tackle, and goal becomes a pivotal moment in the quest for gold! 

Men’s Championship: London GD vs. NEM Hawks 

NEM Hawks sit atop the top the table, holding a narrow lead on goal difference after victory over Nottingham, with a commanding 40-35 win. Meanwhile, London GD secured a crucial win against their long-standing London rival, Olympia, setting the stage for what promises to be a fiercely contested rivalry to bring the Final 4 to a close. While some may tip London GD as favourites, having navigated both the regular season and national cup unscathed, NEM Hawks have proven their mettle, overcoming setbacks to reach this pivotal moment with their bounce back against Olympia showing their true form.  
With GB players Ollie Tyler for London GD and Rueben Wardle for NEM Hawks poised to lead their teams, and experienced coaching staff on both sides of the half with GBM20s Coach Zoran Lukac setting the course of London GD and Treble winning Coach Donna Hankinson for NEM Hawks. The stage is set for a showdown of epic proportions as the race for the title comes to its conclusion. 

Women’s Title Bout: Olympia vs. Loughborough University 

In a battle for the first silverware of 2024, Olympia stands on the brink of victory after a hotly contested regular season, securing top spot, and setting the stage for a showdown against the top seed from the North. In the last round Olympia scraped past West London Eagles to give them this opportunity to clinch the title and close out the final 4. Olympia’s roster is bolstered by the addition of GB player Hannah Saunders, adding a potent mix of youth and experience to the squad, alongside long-standing club members such as Sabrina Oliveira in Goal giving them a blend a crucial blend of capabilities which has paid dividends this season.  

On the other hand, Loughborough University brings a wave of youthful exuberance to the court, but some would argue they lack the experience at this level to truly contend for the title and have never been close to grasping the coveted Premier League Title. However, backed by a history of success in BUCS (British Universities and Colleges Sport) with back-to-back titles, the team is fuelled by the ambition for victory and with some players boasting national titles in the junior ranks. With both teams ready to rise to the occasion, the stage is set for a thrilling contest that promises to go to the wire. However, one slip here by Olympia, and West London Eagles are ready to upset everything as their delayed game comes on the Monday 6th May versus Loughborough.