The Final Four: The Top Teams in England Clash to be Crowned Champion

 As the England Handball regular season reached its conclusion, anticipation had been mounting for the ultimate showdown in the Premier Handball League. The culmination of months of fierce competition sees the top teams from both the North and the South converge in a battle for supremacy, with only the strongest emerging victorious to claim the coveted Premier League Champions title. 

The format is straightforward yet exhilarating. The top two teams from both the North and the South regions come together, playing each other once over three rounds to determine the ultimate champion. The intensity begins at Oldham Leisure Centre in the North on the 13/14th April, it continues with local rivalries in the second round on the 20th of April, and culminates in an all-out finale, at Leyton Score Centre in London on the 4th of May 2024, where the champions will be crowned amidst electrifying atmosphere. 
Undoubtedly, all eyes are on the formidable forces of London GD and NEM Hawks in the Men’s competition. With both squads marching into the Final Four with unblemished records from the regular season. Their dominance on the court has been awe-inspiring, striking fear into the hearts of opponents and setting the bar high for any challenger daring to step in their path. With a blend of exceptional skill, strategic prowess, and GB international quality, these powerhouses are determined to leave an indelible mark on the final stages of the competition. 

Yet, amidst the towering giants, emerges Olympia HC, buoyed by recent triumphs in the National Cup competition that have reignited their hopes of clinching the ultimate prize. Fuelled by the fervent desire to upset the established order and etch their name in the history books, Olympia HC enters the Final Four with a fervent determination to shake the foundations of the league and stake their claim to greatness having finished 2nd in South during the regular season. 
And then there’s Nottingham, a perennial contender at the summit of English Handball, poised to seize any opportunity that presents itself amidst the heated battles of the Final Four. With a storied history of excellence and a roster brimming with GB talent and league experience, Nottingham stands ready to take any scalps of teams not on top form. Having reached the Final 4 last year and the National Cup final in years gone by they are yet to claim the top spot.  
In the Womens Final 4, Loughborough University emerges as a force to be reckoned with, propelled by a meteoric rise with a potent blend of young talent and dedication. Bolstered with athletes and graduates from the prestigious EPA program at Loughborough College and guided by a network of exceptional coaches, Loughborough University has surged to the top of the Northern Premier League, poised to claim the ultimate prize and etch their name in history books. 
Though not in their peak form from previous seasons, NEM Hawks remain a formidable presence on the handball landscape, with the potential to disrupt their opponents’ plans and seize victory when it matters most. With a rich legacy of success and a roster brimming with talent, NEM Hawks enter the Final Four with a steely resolve to overcome any obstacle in their path and assert their dominance on the court and given their history cannot be underestimated.  
In the South, the competition could not have been any tighter, with three powerhouse teams—London GD, Olympia, and West London Eagles—finishing the season neck and neck on points. The battle for supremacy was fierce, with the final positions of the league ultimately decided by goal difference, placing Olympia at the top of the pile who will be quietly confident given their most recent National Cup success against Loughborough University, closely followed by West London Eagles. With such parity in the regular season, the teams from the South are battle-hardened and ready to unleash their full potential in pursuit of silverware.