England Handball seeking new board members

England Handball is embarking on an exciting journey to strengthen its leadership team with the addition of three new Directors. This strategic move aims to ensure a robust and dynamic governance structure, in line with the evolving needs of the sport and its community.

The recruitment process will be overseen by the EHA Appointments Committee. Out of the three positions, one will be a Non-Executive Director appointed directly by the board, while the remaining two will be Elected Non-Executive Directors, whose appointments will be ratified by England Handball members at the AGM in September. To comply with the Code of Sport Governance, at least one of the new Directors must be ‘Independent.’

A recent skills audit highlighted the need for diverse expertise to maintain an optimal balance across the Board. As such, England Handball is prioritising candidates with one or more of the following qualifications:

  1. Digital Communications Expertise: Candidates with extensive experience in digital communications, particularly those with a proven track record of maximising digital assets and supporting comprehensive communication strategies at both Board and executive levels.
  2. Handball Knowledge: Individuals possessing in-depth knowledge of handball, with a thorough and up-to-date understanding of the opportunities and challenges within the England Handball community. Awareness of the international handball landscape is a plus.
  3. Social Impact Champion: Experts in Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI), with substantial experience in social impact and community development programmes. The successful candidate will play a key role in overseeing England Handball’s DIAP action plan.

Key Responsibilities:

Strategic Direction: Directors must ensure that the England Handball Association has a clear vision, mission, and strategic direction, focusing on achieving these through oversight of operational plans and budgets. Regularly reviewing the environment and services provided, Directors will ensure the views of members and stakeholders are considered.

Performance Management: Directors are responsible for the overall performance of the Association, its impact on stakeholders, and its corporate behaviour. This includes regular reviews of progress towards strategic objectives and the effective recruitment, management, and development of staff and volunteers.

Compliance: Ensuring compliance with all legal and regulatory requirements, including statutory duties under the Companies Act (2006) and the Equality Act (2010), is crucial. Directors must also uphold the highest standards of corporate behaviour and ethical conduct.

Prudent Management of Assets: Directors will be stewards of the Association’s assets, ensuring financial obligations are met and adequate financial controls are in place. They are accountable for the Association’s solvency and must ensure a solid revenue-generation strategy is in place.

Good Governance: Maintaining high standards of governance, Directors must ensure compliance with Tier 3 requirements set out in the Code for Sports Governance and other relevant regulations. They will ensure the governance structure aligns with the Association’s vision and strategy, reflecting the diversity of the community served.

England Handball is looking for strategic thinkers and confident communicators with experience working collaboratively on boards or similar committees. A strong commitment to equality, diversity, and inclusion is essential, along with a dedication to improving the organisation and development of handball in England.

For more information on the roles and application process, please contact office@englandhandball.com

To download the – England Handball Board pack – please click this link.